You're a miner working for the mining company. Your coworkers have all disappeared and there is something ominous in the air. You need to get out but the power to the elevator is off, and the ladder is all buttery. Also, you want cake. You will need to venture deeper into the cave to find the six switches needed to restore power to the elevator.

Originally developed for the UW-Stout Fall 2017 48-Hour Game Jam.  You may play the super-buggy 48 hour edition here.

WASD to move, F to toggle your flashlight, E to interact, and SHIFT to sprint. No jumping. The cave is very unstable and you might bring it down.

Made possible by the hard work of these people:

Art and Modeling

  • Doug Gafner III
  • James Skrobis
  • Nick Brost


  • Austin Scott
  • Ian Gorman
  • Jack Hildebrandt

Install instructions

Downloading and playing the Windows executable is highly recommended for performance reasons, but if you have a fast computer you may play this game in your browser.


Download 34 MB

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